Operational Experts Group

14.05.2018 - Article

The Operational Experts Group (OEG)

Within the PSI framework, 20 states form the Operational Experts Group (OEG). The OEG plays an essential role in ensuring the effectiveness of the PSI by:

  • leveraging related counter proliferation efforts;
  • contributing customs, law enforcement, military and other security experts and assets to interdiction exercises;
  • hosting PSI meetings, workshops, and exercises with other PSI-endorsing states; and
  • working with specific partner states to improve their capacity to combat the proliferation of WMDs.

OEG states play a leading role in the initiative and OEG meetings serve as a forum to discuss and develop concepts to further the initiative. The OEG seeks to develop and enhance PSI states’ capabilities by considering a range of questions, from legal matters to rapid-decision making in case of an interdiction.

States in the OEG regularly form working groups to deepen their cooperation in certain areas. OEG partner states meet regularly to enhance the PSI and to improve its efficiency.

OEG states seek to increase the efficiency of the PSI and ensure that it remains an effective multinational tool for halting WMD proliferation, including through efforts to expand endorsement of the PSI Statement of Interdiction Principles.

1. Argentina

2. Australia

3. Canada

4. Denmark

5. France

6. Germany

7. Greece

8. Italy

9. Japan

10. Republic of Korea

11. The Netherlands

12. New Zealand

13. Norway

14. Poland

15. Portugal

16. Singapore

17. Spain

18. Turkey

19. United Kingdom

20. United States

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